Baptism Candles

All about Baptism Candles.

Personalized baptsim candles can add a special touch to a baptism. Although, not very many utilize this personalization factor when they have their baby baptized. I think this is primarily because most would much rather opt to use the church’s supply of candles to make sure they fit the candle holders snugly and such. You can see what a personalized baptism candle looks like below.


personalized baptism candle

This candle was personalized just for the baby prior to his baptism.


Greek Baptism Candles

You’ll notice that Greek baptism candles’ style varies a bit from most of the rest of the Christian candle styles. They often have ribbon and lace or mesh wrapped around them. In Greek, they’re called lambades or labades, which literally translates as “decorated candles.”


greek baptism candles

Here is a good example of labades.


Orthodox Baptism Candles

Believe it or not, Orthodox baptism candles are also often called labades. This is because there is a large Greek following of the Orthodox church. The religion sect is called Greek Orthodox. So, at many an Orthodox baptism, you’ll find Greek baptism candles in the ceremonies.

Catholic Baptism Candle

The Catholic baptism candle is usually thicker, and/or longer than the Greek version of the candle. The Catholics usually do not dress their candles up in ribbons and lace or other mesh for the purpose of baptism. However, the baptismal meaning is almost exactly the same. Catholicism is the most widely followed of the Christian faiths and sects. Look below and you’ll see a couple good examples of a Catholic baptism candle.


catholic baptism candle

Here’s a traditional Catholic baptism candle



catholic baptism candle

Here’s yet another Catholic version of the candle.


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