Baptism Gifts For Adults

Having Trouble Finding A Gift For That Adult That Is About To Have A Baptism?

Never fear! We’re here to help. Most of the time, it is children who are getting baptized. But on occasion, an adult will be baptized. So, what are some good baptism gifts for adults? Well, the most traditional gifts would be a piece of jewelry. The jewelry gift is usually a cross on a necklace. Depending on the person, and also how much you want to spend, you can get necklace with a cross on it fairly cheaply if you go with a leather necklace and a cross that isn’t made of a precious metal. Or, you could go the more elegant and expensive way and buy a gold necklace and gold cross. Either are nice gift ideas. However, some people may not want to wear a leather necklace all the time.


baptism gifts for adults

This is a nice gold cross with a gold necklace.


Probably the second most popular gift for such an occasion is an inscribed bible. You can get a regular hard cover bible and get it foil inscribed, or go the more expensive route, and get one that has a metallic cover and is meant to last a lifetime and beyond. Both are very nice ideas. It just mainly depends on the person you’re giving it to and what they like, and also your budget.

Other ideas include different types of frames. These frames could be used to either frame a picture of the baptism or the actual baptism certificate. There are plenty of different frames to choose from. In fact, the frame itself doesn’t necessarily need to say anything about baptism on it. It can be just a nice, durable frame.

If none of the above match what you had in mind for a gift, you may also choose a rosary as a gift. If the person that is being baptized already has one, you could simply offer to help pay for some of the party or dinner after the baptism.


baptism gifts for adults

This is actually a keepsake box bible. But you can also find bibles that look like this that you can actually read.


Looking for a baptism gift for a girl instead?