Baptism Invitations

Having Trouble With Your Baptism Invitations? We Can Help With The Wording, Templates, Keeping Them Cheap, Or Elegant.

If you’ve never had to create or word your own baptism invitations before, you may be curious on how or where to even start. Don’t worry, we can help you. The first step is getting down the proper baptism invitation wording. The goal here is fairly simple. You want to accomplish a few key things:

  1. A greeting of some sort: This can be straight forward or a bit fancier. The choice is yours. The easy way to do it would be to simply say something to the effect of “You’re invited to join us for the baptism of ______.” If you wanted to go a little more on the fancy side, you could put something like “Please join us as we place _____ in the realm of God’s kingdom forevermore.”
  2. A date: This is pretty self-explanatory. You have to let everyone know what day the baptism is. It is proper to actually spell out the date, rather than to abbreviate. Your date should look something like this: “On the first day of May, two thousand twenty…”
  3. A time: Again, this is pretty easy. However, you must keep in mind that the time should also be spelled out, rather than just the numbers put down. Your time should read something like this: “…at 9 o’clock in the morning.”
  4. A place: You obviously have to tell them the place that the baptism is taking place. In this case, it’s proper to let them know the church name, city, and state. This ensures that out of town guests will be able to find it.
  5. A closing: This is optional, and it depends on how you write your invitation out whether or not you choose to do a closing. A closing is simply a name. The name usually denotes the parents or guardian of the person being baptized, or the host.

Below are some sample baptism invitation templates. Please feel free to use them when creating your own.


Join us as we celebrate making Ariel a child of God

on the fifth day of May, two thousand twenty

10 o’clock in the moring

St. Paul Lutheran Churc

104 S. Main Street

Clare, MI 48618

You are invited

to join us

for the baptism of Giovanni Marco

on the first day of June, two thousand twenty

9 o’clock in the morning

St. Michael Catholic Church

995 Windsor Road

Baltimore, MD 65923

Vincenzo and Maria Marco

If you are the one in charge of creating the invitations, it’s helpful to know that you can make some cheap baptism invitations yourself. Below are some example of some homemade baptism invitations. You can go the route of using a print shop to make your masterpieces, or take the more handmade route.

baptism invitation

This is a nice example of a baptism invitation made via the help of a custom print shop.



baptism invitation

This is an example of adding a homemade touch to a baptism invitation. Some people like to use ribbon too.


What You Can Do With Printable Baptism Invitations

Nowadays, you can do just about anything with printable baptism invitations. Long gone are the days spending hours to put together the cutest little invitation with your own picture and/or stationary (unless, of course, you’re into that kind of thing).

Now you can change every aspect of your invitations with the click of a mouse. For example, you can order them to be blue for boy baptism invitations, or to be pink for girl baptism invitations. Furthermore, there are literally thousands of invitation templates that you can use to make yours look even better! You can have angel wings in the background, butterflies, a teddy bear, a cross, pretty much whatever you want.

Some retailers may even help you with your baptism invite wording within their fully-customizable design platform. It’s very easy to whip up your own professional looking invites within minutes.


Unique Baptism Invitations And Styles

With today’s do it yourself designing available to the general public, you can even make super-unique baptism invitations. For example, say you needed your baptism invitations in spanish. No problem! With the user interfaces on most DIY platforms, you can simply input whatever you want the card to say, no matter what language.

You can make your own custom photo invitations, greek, twin, catholic, adult, whatever baptism invitations you need, all by yourself, within a matter of minutes.


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