Baptism Party Ideas

At A Loss For Baptism Party Ideas?

When planning out a baptism party, there are multiple variables to take into consideration. First of all, is thinking about the guests. What is the baptism party theme? Is there a lot of children attending, or is it mostly adults? Is this going to remain a very formal party even after leaving the church? What are the general food likes and dislikes of the guests? Do you see yourself renting a hall out for the reception? A hall rental, full serviced, can get really pricey.

Taking the above mentioned variables into consideration, could you feasibly hold the reception at a pizzaria with a dining area to save some money? That’s what my husband and I did. You could also go to a bar and grill for a more adult reception. I’ve heard of some people even going to Chuck-E-Cheez’s, or having a picnic, barbecue, or even a pool party for their baptism party. Get creative with it. Most people do not enjoy the same old idea over and over again.

So once again some nice baptism reception ideas include:

  1. Going to a pizzaria or family restaurant with a sizable dining area
  2. Going to a bar and grill for a more adult reception
  3. Going to a place like Chuck-E-Cheez’s for a more children-themed party
  4. Having a large picnic style reception at a local park
  5. Having a barbecue at a relative’s house, or your own
  6. Renting out a hall, or a full-service hall to handle mostly everything for you and your more formal party
Need some help on finding some good baptism favors? Or perhaps the perfect baptism cakes?