Specialized Baptism Gifts

Need To Find A Specialized Baptism Gift?

Specialized baptism gifts are important to the recipient based primarily on two things, heritage and religion. Although some gifts could fit pretty much any heritage or religion, a gift that is custom-tailored to one person’s upbringing especially tends to sit very well with a vast majority of the crowd.

Catholocism is the largest sect of Christianity in the world. Therefore, Catholic baptism gifts are very popular. Some things that you would typically give someone for a Catholic baptism are a kiddie rosary, a kid’s bible, or gold or silver jewelry. The typical jewelry that is given is a necklace with an italian horn, or cross, or a bracelet made of gold or silver.

Some popular Lutheran baptism gifts are a silver cup as a keepsake, a video of the baptism itself, religious clothing, or a cross-shaped box used to hold valuables and meant to keep for a lifetime.

Some Mormon baptism gifts tend to differ slightly from the regular gifts of other Christian sects. For instance, gifts like a tie, scripture markers, or a journal are often commonplace in the Mormon gifting arena.

Furthermore, if someone is of Irish decent, pewter bookmarks, bibs, a bank, a porcelin rosary, or celtic wall cross or celtic jewelry would make for some awesome Irish baptism gifts.

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Any of the traditional baptism gifts listed above will make a good gift while adding a specialized twist. However, the ultimate is a personalized baptism gift. You can make any of the above mentioned gifts just a little bit more special by personalizing them. The best ideas I’ve found is to have stuff engraved or embroidered with the person’s name, and perhaps the date that they were baptized.